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Envisat-ERS (A)SAR - Enhanced Dissemination Service

04 Jan 2019

ESA is pleased to announce the release of several new features as part of the ESA On-The-Fly data processing and dissemination service providing data from the Envisat ASAR and ERS-1/2 SAR mission archives.

A new Simple Online Catalogue interface has been released for search and download of (A)SAR data including the following enhanced options:

  • Bulk download allowing users to submit bulk dissemination requests for (A)SAR Level 1 data
  • Interferometric search to identify suitable (A)SAR correlated pairs of products for INSAR applications
  • New data collection providing the full ERS-1/2 SAR Medium Resolution Level 1 processed archive (SAR_IMM_1P) readily available for direct download

Moreover, the introduction of the dynamic Quality of Service will guarantee all users a minimum specified number of Level 1 products per (A)SAR collection per day with the possibility of additional data download depending on the overall system availability.

Please note that the "EOLi-SA Catalogue and Ordering Service" is being replaced by the Simple Online Catalogue and will be dismissed on the 15 February 2019.

Information on how to obtain (A)SAR On-The-Fly data products via the ESA Online Dissemination Service.

Download (A)SAR On-The-Fly Data Dissemination and Processing Service User Manual.