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Increased ERS SAR data availability

27 Apr 2021

A large amount of additional ERS-1/2 SAR data is now available to users via the dedicated ESA (A)SAR dissemination service.

The new data is resulting from ESA recovery activities and from some of the foreign stations from which additional data has recently been repatriated to ESA for integration into the existing ERS SAR Level 0 master archive.

The (A)SAR dissemination archive has been enhanced with around 160 TB of ERS SAR data corresponding to ca 2,708,000 standard scenes. The acquisition date range for the additional data is spread across the full ERS-1 and ERS-2 mission lifetime (1991 – 2011). The coverage is worldwide, and much of the new data is stemming from the foreign stations including many acquisitions from the Alaska SAR Facility (ASF/USA) and the Canadian stations (CCMEO).