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ERS-1 Scatterometer L2 dataset processed with ASPS v10.04 is available online

13 Jun 2019

The reprocessing campaign for the ERS-1 Scatterometer Level 2 products has been completed adopting the latest Advanced Scatterometer Processing System (ASPS) version 10.04.  The reprocessed dataset is now accessible to users together with the corresponding ERS-2 data on the ESA dissemination server and is provided through ESA fast registration.

The ERS Scatterometer Level 2 dataset now comprises a continuous series of back-scattering measurements, Ocean Winds and Sea Ice probability from August 1991 to July 2011. The dataset is available in ASPS and in NetCDF format for both the nominal (25 km grid space) and the high (12.5 km grid space) resolution products.

Specifications for the ASPS and NetCDF format are included in the updated version of the Product and Format Specifications document.

The "Surface Soil Moisture" records have also been released in both nominal and high resolution. This dataset has been derived from the backscatter coefficient measured by the Scatterometer on-board the ERS-2 using the TU Wien soil moisture retrieval. Further details are available in the Product User Manuals for the Surface Soil Moisture data.

Please refer to the Product Quality Readme files for the ERS Wind Scatterometer ASPS products and the ERS-2 Surface Soil Moisture products before using the data.

ERS-1 observation of Typhoon Bart occurred on May 1996
ERS-1 observation of Typhoon Bart occurred on May 1996: left picture is from ERS-1
operational product (UWI) with 25 km grid spacing; right image is from high resolution
product (ASPS H) with 12.5 km grid spacing.


ERS-1 sea ice probability estimated for the period May-June 1996
ERS-1 sea ice probability estimated for the period May-June 1996.




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