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The Deimos-1 satellite is owned by DEIMOS Imaging, the entity owning and marketing all data produced by the Deimos-1 satellite and fully operating the system. The Deimos-1 satellite was developed in collaboration with SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Limited). Deimos-1 offers imagery for commercial applications, for government use, and for rapid-response following disasters. The satellite is also part of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation, an international constellation of satellites providing imagery for global use in disaster monitoring and support.

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Latest Mission News:

  • 02 Aug 2012 - Deimos-1 celebrates 3 years in orbit and 15 900 completed orbits of Earth - Read more
  • 24 Oct 2011 - Great spot on the volcanic island of El Hierro - Read more
  • 11 Aug 2011 - Deimos-1 provides images to the "International Charter Space and Major Disasters" to support the estimate of the damage Hurricane Irene - Read more

Mission data:

For more information on the Deimos-1 mission and access to the Deimos image catalog please visit the Deimos-1 website

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Facts and figures
Operators DEIMOS Imaging
Date of Launch 29 July 2009
Mission status Operating nominally in 2014
Orbit Height 663 km
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous near-circular
Constellation revisit time Daily coverage at a resolution that enables effective monitoring of the rapidly changing environment
Swath Width 625 km
Resolution 22 m for MS (Multispectral bands)