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A summary of ESA Third Party Mission collections

22 Jul 2022

A new summary is available, showcasing the ESA archives for Third Party Mission collections.

Charter Infographic
Download the summary


ESA’s Third Party Missions programme involves agreements between ESA and international data providers to promote the availability of their data products. The data providers offer this data freely for scientific and research purposes.

The data providers offer access to most data products through their own catalogues, but ESA directly hosts the collections shown in the summary through the Third Party Missions Dissemination Service, offering them for download to users with an active EO Sign In account.

In the summary, the temporal and spatial coverage is listed for each collection, with a pop-up displaying metadata and an example of an image for that product.

Each collection also offers a link to the Third Party Missions Dissemination Service, where a particular location can be selected within the collection on an interactive map before submitting a request to download the product.

The summary will continue to be updated when ESA offer new collections for Third Party Missions.