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The identification of fire hot spots and the spread of fire events from satellite is used not only in the natural environment but also for fires linked to industrial disasters.

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Canadian fires tracked by satellites

19 May 2016

Wildfires have been raging in Canada's Alberta province for nearly three weeks, causing widespread destruction and forcing thousands of people from their homes. As the blaze grows and shifts, satellites are tracking its movement.

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SMOS sings the song of ice and fire

02 July 2015

While ESA's water mission continues to deliver key information on soil moisture and ocean salinity to advance our understanding of Earth, it is becoming increasingly important for 'real world' applications, further demonstrating the societal benefit of Earth observation.

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Bringing Earth observation to the everyday user

15 September 2014

Using satellites for improving the exploitation of water resources is just one of the innovative ideas developed over the week-long 'camp' dedicated to creating mobile apps drawing on Earth observation data.

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Space up your app with satellite data

05 June 2014

Calling all app developers: register today for the opportunity to spend a week at ESA developing new ideas and concepts for mobile apps using satellite Earth observation data.

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Science meets Sentinel-3

06 December 2013

With the first of the Sentinel satellites being readied for launch next spring, scientists are looking ahead to the third mission in the series to ensure the highest quality data possible.

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SnowMonit wins GMES Masters Best Service Challenge

16 October 2012

A service designed to improve natural resource management and detect hydropower generation and areas at risk of drought was selected by an online audience as the winner in one of seven categories of the GMES Masters competition.

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EUMETSAT joins the International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters'

09 July 2012

Extreme weather such as hurricanes, floods and even excessive heat or cold claims lives every year. The European body that monitors weather and climate from space has now joined international partners to help prepare for disasters.

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Forest Fires in Sibera

01 October 2011

Forest fires struck Sibera in late September and early October, in one of Russia's worst outbreaks of the year. The wildfires affected over 700 hectares before they were extinguished. The Envisat mission provided image products of the wildfires, to aid in locating and monitoring the outbreaks, as part of the Earth Watching Project...

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Forest Fire in Croatia

16 July 2011

A major forest fire broke out on the Croatian island of Brac in July following a heat wave. 4000 hectares of forest and vegtation were burnt, and cattle were also caught in the flames. The Envisat mission provided image products of the island, to aid in the disaster response, as part of the Earth Watching Project...

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Satellites reveal Russian fires worst in 14 years

13 September 2010

More wildfires have burned around the Russian capital this year than in the last decade and a half, according to sensors aboard ESA's observation satellites. The forest and peat bog fires ignited this summer amid an unprecedented heat wave of up to 40ºC.