Minimize Fires in Majella National Park, Italy

The Majella National Park is a national park located in the provinces of Chieti, Pescara and L'Aquila, in the region Abruzzo, Italy. It is centered on the Majella massif, whose highest peak is Monte Amaro (2,793 m).

The area of the Majella national Park (740.95 km2), especially the Montagna della Majella, has been subject to a major international geoscientific research Project, TaskForceMajella from 1998 up to 2005.

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Majella National Park Fire
Overlay image of the event

The Sentinel-2 images featured here show the serious damage that fires have caused since 20 August in the Majella National Park and in particular the area on Mount Morrone.

The area affected is visible in the image acquired on 31 August and was processed using bands in false colour (8,4,3). Here we can see the vast area destroyed by fires highlighted in black (see also the small caption on the image). This is also visible with the comparison of the image in false colour acquired on 01 August. With this demonstration of images taken by the Sentinel-2 (optical sensor instrumets), we aim to demonstrate the large field of application that the Copernicus satellite family can cover.

Majella fire - 31 August 2017Majella fire - 01 August 2017

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Technical Information of original image
Product: Geo Tiff format
Satellite/Sensor: Sentinel-2 (Optical)
Resolution: 10 metres
Acq. Date: 01 August 2017 (Before the fire) and 31 August 2017 (After the fire)
Band Combination used to create this image: 8, 4, 3 (R-G-B) False colour layers
Map of area

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