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PAZ Sample Data

PAZ sample image of Neustrelitz
Download preview of PAZ sample over Neustrelitz test site.
Image credit: © Hisdesat Servicios Estratégicos S.A. 2022. All rights reserved.

PAZ data collections consist of up to 20 m resolution data products from the X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) instrument, processed to Level-1 and Level-1B. Products are available in the following modes:

  • StripMap (SM)
  • ScanSAR (SC)
  • Wide ScanSAR (WS)
  • Spotlight (SL)
  • High Resolution Spotlight (HS)
  • Staring Spotlight (ST)

With the following geometric projections:

  • Single Look Slant Range Complex (SSC)
  • Multi-Look Ground Range Detected (MGD)
  • Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected (GEC)
  • Enhanced Ellipsoid Corrected (EEC)

There are two main classes for the products:

  • Spatially Enhanced (SE)
  • Radiometrically Enhanced (RE)

The products are available in the following polarisations:

  • HH: Single-polarisation Horizontal-Horizontal configuration
  • HV: Dual-polarisation Horizontal-Vertical configuration
  • VV: Single-polarisation Vertical-Vertical configuration
  • VH: Dual-polarisation Vertical-Horizontal configuration

Samples of the PAZ products are available over ESA's test site at Neustrelitz in Germany, which you can use to preview what the data collections offer in order to assess their type and resolution. If you would like to compare PAZ products with other missions, download sample data from other Third Party Missions.

Each sample data ZIP file contains a .TIFF of the processed product, and specifications of the acquired scene.

Download PAZ sample data

PAZ data collections

If these samples suit your requirements, learn more about the PAZ data collections and find out how to download products from this mission:

The PAZ ESA Archive is freely available to download for anyone with an account in ESA's EO Sign In service. The Full Archive and Tasking collection is available to order on demand upon submission of a Project Proposal subject to evaluation and acceptance by ESA and the data owner.

Products distributed via ESA dissemination services – nominally those available in the ESA archive collections – are published in EO-SIP format, which is a package that contains the metadata file, browse images, and original data in their native format.