Mission Background

During the development of the PAZ mission, Hisdesat signed an agreement with Airbus Defence and Space to form a constellation between the PAZ, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites.

This constellation allows for highly accurate radar data to be provided and coordination of acquisition between the satellites. Inteferogrammes can also be created based on the constellation's data, as the satellites together can observe the same area with a revisit time of no more than seven days.

PAZ Technical Specifications
Operator and data distributor Hisdesat
Ascending node / equatorial crossing time 18:00 ± 0.25 hours (local)
Radar Carrier Frequency 9.65 GHz
Polarizations HH, VV, HH/VV, HH/HV, VV/VH
Antenna Length 4.8 m
Antenna Width 0.7 m
Nominal Look Direction Right
Range Bandwidth 150 MHz / 300 MHz


See an overview of the PAZ mission in this infographic:

PAZ infographic
Download the infographic

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