IRS-P6 (ResourceSat-1)


blue arrow Mission Overview

IRS-P6 (also known as ResourceSat-1) launched on 17 October 2003 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre by the Indian PSLV-C5, and came to an end on 30 September 2013. The mission was part of the IRS (Indian Remote-Sensing Satellite) series of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).

Prior to launch, ISRO renamed the IRS-P6 spacecraft to ResourceSat-1.

Mission Parameters
Launch date 17 October 2003
Mission status Ended 30 September 2013
Orbit Height 820 km
Orbit Type Polar sun-synchronous
Revisit period 24 days

ResourceSat-1 is part of ESA's Third Party Missions Programme, in which ESA has an agreement with ISRO to distribute data products from the missions.

blue arrow Mission Objectives

The overall objectives of the IRS-P6 mission (ResourceSat-1) were to provide continued remote sensing data services on an operational basis for integrated land and water resources management. The mission provided data continuity for the IRS-1C and IRS-1D satellites, with the addition of new instruments.

blue arrow Instruments

ResourceSat-1 carried three instruments:

  • A high resolution linear imaging self-scanner (LISS-IV)
  • A medium resolution linear imaging self-scanner (LISS-III)
  • AwiFS (Advanced Wide Field Sensor)

All three cameras were pushbroom scanners using linear arrays of CCDs (Charge Coupled Devices).

Instrument Parameters
Bands Spectral Range (nm) Spatial Resolution (m)
Green 520 – 590 5.8 (LISS IV)
23.5 (LISS-III)
56 - 70 (AWiFS)
Red 620 – 680 5.8 (LISS IV)
23.5 (LISS-III)
56-70 (AWiFS)
NIR 770 – 860 5.8 (LISS IV)
23.5 (LISS-III)
56-70 (AWiFS)
SWIR 1550 - 1700 5.8 (LISS IV)
23.5 (LISS-III)
56-70 (AWiFS)

blue arrow Data

blue arrow DATA DOWNLOAD

Download data from the Image 2006 collection containing Resourcesat-1 data through the ESA TPM Online Dissemination system. The data is freely available to registered EO-SSO users.


ESA is offering, for scientific research and application development, access to Full archive of ResourceSat-1 data upon submission and acceptance of project proposal. These products are available as part of the GAF Indian Satellite Imagery products.

ESA will support as many high-quality and innovative projects as possible within the quota limit available, therefore only a limited amount of products can be made available to each project

Following collection is available:

Moreover, ESA offers to registered user the access through the Online Dissemination server to the following data collection:

  • Image 2006: Spot-4, Spot-5 and IRS-P6 cloud-free coverage acquired in 2006 over 38 European countries