PROBA-V Quality Control Reports

Products Availability

PROBA-V products availability is as follows: 

  • 1km and 300m products: data available from October 2013 onward
  • 100m products: data is available from March 2014 onward. The geometric accuracy for the data before March 2014 was sub-optimal and not adequate for 100m resolution due to an issue with the star tracker on-board software (the issue was solved on March 2014 with the update of the on-board software).

Monthly Reports

The Monthly Ground Segment Reports provide information about:

  • Products generation and dissemination status and users activity
  • Summary of radiometric and geometric calibration status
  • Image processing issues and anomalies
  • Planned Ground Segment activities and evolution


Quarterly Reports

The Image Quality Reports are generated every three months and provide information about:

  • Absolute and inter-band radiometric accuracy
  • Multi-temporal radiometric accuracy
  • Dark current
  • High frequency equalisation and striping
  • Absolute and inter-band geometric accuracy