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3rd ERS Symposium

14-Mar - 21-Mar 1997

Florence, Italy

From 17 to 21 March 1997, the ESA Directorate for Observation of the Earth and its Environment held the 3rd ERS Symposium. Thematic sessions on various aspects of satellite remote sensing were held. The poster and presentation sessions were divided according to their respective domains: Soil Moisture, Hydrology, Land Use, Forestry, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Geology, Hazards, GOME, Atmosphere using ATSR, PRARE and GOME data in synergy, Ice Properties and Ice Sheet Topography, Sea Ice, Ice Dynamics, Coastal Zones, Ocean Dynamics and Features, Global Change, Winds, Waves, Sea Surface Temperature, Ocean Circulation, Altimetry, Marine Geoid, Meteorology, ATSR Instrument Performance, Orbits, Envisat, Special Session.


This event, following similar ones in Cannes in 1992 and Hamburg in 1993, marked a milestone in the evolution of ERS data exploitation.

The 32 sessions were organised according to application subject and covered subjects such as Landuse, Forestry, Geology, Hazards, Global Change including the monitoring of polar ice caps, sea ice, glaciers, oceanography, sea surface temperature, the assimilation of Wind and Wave data, Ocean Circulation, Marine Geoid and Meteorology.

The Symposium included some 30 contributions on monitoring of the Atmosphere using GOME, the instrument on-board ERS-2. This Symposium was not only a forum for the presentation of results and achievements, but an opportunity for ESA and the Earth Observation User Community to discuss future areas of collaboration.

Thematic Session Files:

(WWW) Winds and Waves (17,1MB)

(TEC) ATSR Instrument Performance (754 KB)

(SMO) Soil Moisture (1,79 MB)

(SIC) Sea Ice (10,6 MB)

(PRS) Products and Services (6,14MB)

(ORB) Orbits (7,39 MB)

(OCL) Ocean Circulation (13,9 MB)

(OCE) Oceanography (22,7 MB)

(MGE) Marine Geoid (11,3 MB)

(MET) Meteorology (4,62 MB)

(LAU) Land Use (23,6 MB)

(JRS) JERS/ERS Synergy (953 MB)

(INT) Interferometry (6,69 MB)

(INT-W) Atmospheric Artifacts in SAR Interferometry (38,3 KB)

(ICE) Ice / Glaciers (25,2 MB)

(HYD) Hydrology (4,01 MB)

(HAZ) Hazards (19,3 MB)

(GOM) GOME (15,2 MB)

(GLC) Global Change (13,4 MB)

(GEO) Geology (2,62 MB)

(FOR) Forestry (11,3 MB)

(DEM) DEMs (11,3 MB)

(CST) Coastal Zones (11,4 MB)

(ATM) Atmosphere (2,96 MB)

(ALT) Altimeter (2,38 MB)

Other files (975 KB)

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