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EO Level1 Lessons Learned Workshop

10-Jun - 11-Jun 2013

ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

As a result of a recommendation at the Atmospheric Composition Validation and Evolution workshop held on 13-15 March 2013, representatives from the atmospheric composition and optical Level 1 communities participated in a meeting in June 2013 to discuss how to integrate the latest findings on Level 1 activities into the upcoming reprocessing campaigns of ERS1/ERS-2/Envisat and to support scientific research, the EO applications and exploitation community, ESA programmes, to prepare for the Sentinels operations phase and draw together lessons learned for future missions.

The presentations and the meeting report are available below.

Monday June 10, 2013
Welcome and Objectives of the meetingB. Bojkov - A. Dehn
On data quality in the generation of products, tools, and servicesB. Bojkov
G/S algorithm review process – a proposalB. Bojkov
Lessons Learned from multi-sensor ECV generationD. Loyola
SCIAMACHY/GOME experiences and lessons learnedR. Snel
Ensuring Traceability of Level 1 optical productsN. Fox
In-Flight lessons from MERIS and prelaunch calibration of OLCIL. Bourg
Lessons learned from (A)ATSR and prelaunch calibration of SLSTRD. Smith


Tuesday June 11, 2013

Multi Sensor Vicarious Calibration Activities at CNES Pt 2P.Henry
Experiences with spectral calibrationJ. Fisher
Instrument Pointing Issues on EnvisatK. Bramstedt
MetOp GOME-2 lessons learnedR. Lang
OMI and TropOMI leassons learnedQ. Kleipool
GOMOS Pointing Accuracy - Lesson LearntG. Barrot


Minutes of the Meeting is available here



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