Minimize TM & ETM+

To help users familiarise themselves with the Landsat TM and ETM+ instruments, and ESA's data products, the Landsat Products Description Document  is available online.

The TM and ETM+ menu to your right provides information concerning the SPPA activities for these instruments.

A brief description of the instrument, its operations and main mission highlights are available in the sections below:


Minimize Sensor Modes

Landsat operated in the SAM (Scan Angle Monitor) Mode for nominal routine operations. On March 1 2002, Landsat 5 TM was switched to the ‘backup' BUMPER mode, and on April 1 2007, Landsat 7 was switched to the ‘backup' BUMPER mode to help correct issues associated with the end of an instruments lifetime.

More information on this mode-switch for both satellites is available here for TM and ETM+.