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New Swarm Level 2 magnetic field models released

27 April 2017

The third release of the Swarm magnetic field models is now available to users. The new models are based on improved Swarm magnetometer data (MAGx_LR_1B data products, baseline 05) covering the period from launch to the end of 2016, i.e. one additional year in comparison to the previous release.

Second Swarm DISC Call for Ideas for new data products and services

24 April 2017

This announcement is to solicit further ideas for new data products and services supporting the outcome of the European Space Agency's Swarm constellation mission.

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When Swarm met Steve

21 April 2017

Thanks to social media and the power of citizen scientists chasing the northern lights, a new feature was discovered recently. Nobody knew what this strange ribbon of purple light was, so... it was called Steve.

Extension of deadline for Swarm DISC ITTs

19 April 2017

Swarm DISC has now, upon request, granted extension of deadline for the following Invitations to Tender:

Swarm DISC ITT 1.1: Swarm as a gravity field mission

Swarm DISC ITT 1.2: Strength and location of the auroral electrojets based on Swarm data

Swarm Charlie: L1b and L2 Cat-2 data gap on 16 March 2017

05 April 2017

Due to a technical problem in the production chain, Swarm Charlie Level 1b data of 16 March 2017 are currently not available. Consequently, the Swarm Charlie Level 2 Cat-2 (FAC, IBI and TEC) are also not available for this day.

Extension of deadline for SD-ITT-1.1

04 April 2017

Swarm DISC has today granted an extension of deadline to the Invitations to Tender SD-ITT-1.1: Swarm DISC ITT 1.1: "Swarm as a gravity field mission" (100,000 EUR, New Closing Date: 09-05-2017).

Release of Swarm EFI 2Hz TII Cross-Track ion flow dataset

31 March 2017

We inform the Swarm users that an experimental Swarm EFI 2 Hz TII cross-track ion flow dataset is now available in the /Advanced/Plasma_Data/2Hz_TII_Cross-track_Dataset folder on the Swarm ftp server. Data cover from 01/01/2016 to 31/01/2017 for S/C A and B, Product Baseline and File Counter 0101.

New version of Swarm VirES (2.0) now available to users

31 March 2017

VirEs for Swarm is a highly interactive data analysis and retrieval interface for the Swarm products.

Yaw manoeuvre on Swarm Bravo

28 March 2017

We inform the Swarm users that a 20 degrees yaw manoeuvre was performed on Swarm Bravo from 20 March 08:01:02 UTC to 27 March 18:55:03 UTC. The purpose of the test was to increase the EFI TII temperature and consequently the outgassing rate of contaminants that cause TII image anomalies.

Swarm MAGx_LR_1B dataset (version 0501) has been extended

27 March 2017

With reference to the news published on 05 January 2017 we inform the Swarm users that the Swarm MAGx_LR_1B version 0501 has been extended for all Swarm spacecraft.

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