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Extension of Swarm 2 Hz TII Cross-Track data flow dataset

08 December 2017

We inform users that the 2 Hz TII Cross-Track data flow dataset has been extended. The data now covers 01 December 2015 to 29 April 2017 for the A and B satellites.

New Swarm acceleration and thermosphere density data released

24 November 2017

We are pleased to announce the new release of non-gravitational acceleration and thermosphere neutral density data, which were derived from the measurements of the GPS receiver. The newly released data cover the period covering the start of the mission until 19 July 2014. Hence, the available time series is now complete until 31 August 2017 for all three Swarm satellites.

Swarm celebrates its 4th anniversary in space

22 November 2017

Exactly four years ago a Rockot launch vehicle carrying the three precious Swarm satellites blasted off from the launch site in Plesetsk. Since then our mission has been continuously collecting ground-breaking data on the various components of the magnetic field and on the near-Earth environment and their dynamics.

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ESA Member States approve Swarm extension

20 November 2017

Timely placed a few days in advance of Swarm's fourth anniversary in space, ESA Member States participating to the Earth Observation Envelope Programme have given a nice birthday present to our mission.

Swarm MAGx_LR_1B dataset (version 0502) has been extended

06 November 2017

With reference to the news published on 07 September 2017, we inform the Swarm users that the Swarm MAGx_LR_1B version 0502 has been extended for all Swarm spacecraft.

Swarm Charlie MAGx_LR_1B vs.0502 of May 2017 regenerated

02 November 2017

We would like to inform Swarm users that due to the occurrence of an issue during the processing of the Swarm L1B MAGx_LR_1B data with Product Baseline and File Counter 0502, the Swarm Charlie VFM data for the time window from 01 to 31 May 2017 is erroneously set to zero.

Swarm Alpha MAGx_LR_1B of 29 April – 01 May 2017 now available

10 October 2017

With reference to the news published on 04 May 2017 we are pleased to inform the Swarm users that  the Swarm MAGA_LR_1B data for the days from 29 April to 01 May 2017 have been generated and now can be found in the ESA ftp server.

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Ideas wanted in science for society

04 October 2017

ESA is offering over 100 opportunities for industry, start-ups and scientific institutions to develop innovative ideas that bring Earth observation science closer to society.

Publication of 16 Hz TII cross-track data flow dataset

29 September 2017

We inform the Swarm users that the 16 Hz TII Cross-Track data flow dataset has been made available in the ESA ftp server covering the time interval from 01/01/2016 to 29/04/2017 for S/C A and B.

US job opening on Swarm/e-POP

19 September 2017

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Iowa seeks to appoint a post-doctoral researcher to join a dynamic and expanding group of space physics researchers. Amongst other sources, the post-holder will be using Swarm mission data to aid in studies of the Earth's magnetic field.

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