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Instrument image
HRC is a black and white camera with a miniaturised telescope. With a high spatial resolution of five metres, HRC can acquire images with an area of 25 square kilometres. As well as studying the Earth, the spacecraft also returns data on its own immediate environment. The telescope is of Cassegrain type with an aperture size of 115 mm and a focal length of 2296 mm.
Technical Characteristics
Spatial Resolution:
8 m
Swath Width:
Earth Topics
Agriculture ( Forestry ), Land ( Vegetation ), Ocean and Coast ( Coastal Geomorphology ), Water ( Water Management )
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Proba-1 - Delay in update on the ESA Online repository

10 August 2012

Technical problems have been causing a delay in the processing and delivery of PROBA data for upload on the ESA Online repository and in the EOLI-SA catalogue.