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Swarm DISC has published two new Invitations To Tender

01 March 2019

Swarm DISC has just released two new Invitations To Tender for the generation of new data products supporting the exploitation of the Swarm mission. Please visit the Swarm DISC ITT website for further information.

Swarm celebrates its 5th anniversary in space

23 November 2018

On 22 November 2018 the Swarm mission celebrated its 5th birthday. Our mission is still in good health and continues to collect ground-breaking data on the various components of the magnetic field and on the near-Earth environment and their dynamics.

Third Call for Ideas for Swarm “New data products and services”

06 November 2018

This announcement is to solicit further ideas for "New data products and services" for enhancing the outcome of the European Space Agency's satellite constellation mission Swarm.

Swarm+ 4D Deep Earth: Core - Invitation to Tender now open

19 October 2018

ESA is pleased to announce a new opportunity for the Swarm community to engage in research dealing with Core field signals in the Swarm measurements, in conjunction with other terrestrial and satellite data and to improve models (numerical/physical) of the rapid core dynamics.

Swarm+ Coupling: High-Low Atmosphere Interactions - Invitation to Tender now open

19 September 2018

ESA is pleased to announce an opportunity for the Swarm community to engage in research dealing with the coupling mechanisms and interactions between the upper and lower parts of the Earth's atmosphere.

Abstract submissions open for special Swarm session at 2018 AGU Fall Meeting

26 July 2018

We invite abstract submissions for the "New and Emerging Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling Science from Remote and In Situ Spacecraft Measurements: The First 5 Years of Swarm" session at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting which will take place from 10 to 14 December in Washington D.C.

The abstract deadline is 1 August 2018 at 23:59 EDT so act soon to submit your paper.

Earth Observation data distribution services improvement

14 June 2018

ESA has started a process to improve the Earth Observation data distribution services, aiming at facilitating access to data and information for the end users, initially by shortening the access path and reviewing authentication and authorisation processes.

Swarm Post-Doc Research Fellowship at ESA/ESRIN

24 May 2018

The European Space Agency is pleased to announce a Post-Doc level career opportunity at ESA/ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy on the scientific exploitation of the data from the Swarm constellation. 

Happy Holidays from the Swarm Team

22 December 2017

We take the opportunity to thank the Swarm user community for the excellent collaboration in 2017 and during the first four years of the Swarm mission.

Swarm celebrates its 4th anniversary in space

22 November 2017

Exactly four years ago a Rockot launch vehicle carrying the three precious Swarm satellites blasted off from the launch site in Plesetsk. Since then our mission has been continuously collecting ground-breaking data on the various components of the magnetic field and on the near-Earth environment and their dynamics.

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ESA Member States approve Swarm extension

20 November 2017

Timely placed a few days in advance of Swarm's fourth anniversary in space, ESA Member States participating to the Earth Observation Envelope Programme have given a nice birthday present to our mission.

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Ideas wanted in science for society

04 October 2017

ESA is offering over 100 opportunities for industry, start-ups and scientific institutions to develop innovative ideas that bring Earth observation science closer to society.

US job opening on Swarm/e-POP

19 September 2017

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Iowa seeks to appoint a post-doctoral researcher to join a dynamic and expanding group of space physics researchers. Amongst other sources, the post-holder will be using Swarm mission data to aid in studies of the Earth's magnetic field.

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Fourth Swarm Science Meeting

26 July 2017

The beautiful town of Banff in Canada was the setting for one of ESA's most important scientific conferences of 2017. In March scientists convened to discuss the latest results coming from two of ESA's Earth Explorer missions: Swarm and CryoSat.

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Anatomy of a debris incident

01 February 2017

A space debris avoidance manoeuvre planned for ESA's Swarm mission proved unnecessary last week, but the close encounter highlighted the growing risk from space debris.

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Swarm debris manoeuvre aborted

25 January 2017

The orbital manoeuvre planned for 25 January has been cancelled following assessments which concluded no risk was posed to the satellite.

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Planned Swarm debris manoeuvre looks good

24 January 2017

The Space Debris Office at ESOC have updated their conjunction alert based on the on-going Swarm manoeuvre planning and the news is positive.

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Swarm - ESA teams respond to debris risk

24 January 2017

For the past few days, experts from ESA's Space Debris Office at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany, have been assessing a conjunction (read: collision) forecast issued by the US armed forces' Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) located at Vandenberg Air Force base in California.

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Swarm's precise sense of magnetism

07 May 2014

Although they were launched only five months ago, ESA's trio of Swarm satellites are already delivering results with a precision that took earlier missions 10 years to achieve.

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Swarm heads for new heights

06 February 2014

Some tricky manoeuvres are now under way to steer ESA's trio of Swarm satellites into their respective orbits so that they can start delivering the best-ever survey of our magnetic field.

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