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JERS OPS is a high-resolution radiometer (a passive instrument) with the objective to measure sunlight reflected by the Earth's atmosphere in eight bands (color imagery). OPS consists actually of two independent radiometers: the VNIR band instrument and the SWIR radiometer. The Optical Sensor(OPS) provide better ground resolution than MOS-1's MESSR. The OPS separates the light reflected from the ground into seven spectral bands from visible to short-wave infrared and employes CCD's. Detailed pictures from the satellite allow us to survey the earth resources, monitor sea status and obtain other information useful for improving our life.
High resolution radiometer
Technical Characteristics
Spatial Resolution:
75 metres
Swath Width:
18.3 metres (cross- track direction) x 24.2 m (along-track direction)
1: 0.52 - 0.60 µm VIS (green) 2: 0.63 - 0.69 µm VIS (red), 3: 0.76 - 0.86 µm NIR, 4: 0.76 - 0.86 µm NIR, 5: 1.60 - 1.71 µm (SWIR), 6: 2.01 - 2.12 µm (SWIR), 7: 2.13 - 2.25 µm (SWIR), 8: 2.27 - 2.40 µm (SWIR),
Earth Topics
Land ( Land Surface Temperature , Vegetation ), Water ( Water Management )
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JERS-1 SAR and Optical data available

31 January 2018

ESA is pleased to announce that the JERS-1 Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Level-1 products are now available to download. These data are free of charge and access is granted immediately to all users worldwide after fast registration.