SAR (JERS-1) Products Information

Products Information

ESA provides access to the following JERS-1 SAR data products, processed using the ESA Instrument Processing Facility (IPF):

Product Type Product Filename Processing Level Description Pixel spacing Projection Number of looks
L1 PRI JSA_PRI_1P Precision image product 12.5 x 12.5 m Ground range 4
L1 SLC JSA_SLC_1P Single Look Complex product Determined by the platform ADC rate (range) and the PRF (along track) Slant range 1


JERS-1 SAR products follow the standard CEOS format convention. A comparison between the CEOS format products specification documents from JAXA and ESA for JERS-1 SAR data highlights the main differences between the L1 CEOS products that were provided by JAXA (but are no longer available to users) and the current dataset provided by ESA (IPF v2.05p3).