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The PlanetScope satellite constellation consists of multiple launches of groups of individual satellites (DOVEs). Therefore, on-orbit capacity is constantly improving in capability or quantity, with technology improvements deployed at a rapid pace.

Each DOVE satellite is a CubeSat 3U form factor (10 cm by 10 cm by 30 cm). The complete PlanetScope constellation of approximately 150 active satellites is able to image the entire land surface of the Earth every day (equating to a daily collection capacity of 350 million km²/day). The constellation is constantly "on" and does not require ordering or acquisition planning.

Each of the satellites is calibrated with an absolute accuracy of better than 5%.

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PlanetScope and SkySat data familiarisation phase for the Third Party Missions programme

04 September 2018

ESA and Planet are pleased to announce the opportunity to freely access, up to the end of the year, PlanetScope and SkySat data over three European demonstration sites: Demmin, Wilhelmshaven and Berlin.

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Mission details

Operator Planet
Launch date 12 satellites on 22 June 2016 (Flock 2p)
88 satellites on 15 February 2017 (Flock 3p)
48 satellites on 14 July 2017 (Flock 2k)
Mission Status Operating Nominally
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous
Orbit Altitude (reference) 475 km (~98° inclination)
Max/Min Latitude Coverage ±81.5° (depending on season)
Equator Crossing Time 9:30 - 11:30 am (local solar time)
Number of Satellites 130+

Sensor Specification

Sensor Type Four-band frame Imager with a split-frame NIR filter

Spectral Bands






455 – 515 nm

500 – 590 nm

590 – 670 nm

780 – 860 nm

Ground Sample Distance (nadir) 3.5 m - 4 m depending on flock
Frame Size 24.6 km x 6.4 km (approximate)
Maximum Image Strip per orbit 20,000 km2
Revisit Time Daily at nadir (2017)
Image Capture Capacity

340 million km2/day

Camera Dynamic Range


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Planet offer the following products for this mission:

PlanetScope imagery products are available as either individual Basic Scenes, Ortho Scenes, or Ortho Tile products. All products are available with radiometric correction level "Top of atmosphere" in less than 24 hours and "Surface Reflectance" 48 hours after sensing.

Name Description Product Level

PlanetScope Basic Scene Product

Scaled Top of Atmosphere Radiance (at sensor) and sensor corrected product. The Basic Scene product is designed for users with advanced image processing and geometric correction capabilities. This product has scene based framing and is not projected to a cartographic projection. Radiometric and sensor corrections applied to the data.

Level 1B

PlanetScope Ortho Scene Product

Orthorectified, scaled Top of Atmosphere Radiance (at sensor) image product suitable for analytic and visual applications. This product has scene based framing and is projected to a cartographic projection.

Level 3B

PlanetScope Ortho Tile Product

Orthorectified, scaled Top of Atmosphere Radiance (at sensor) image product suitable for analytic and visual applications. This product is a collection of PlanetScope Basic Scene Products of one orbit at one day, cut to the standard RE tile grid.
Imagery is projected to a UTM projection.

Level 3A

The name of each acquired PlanetScope image is designed to be unique which allows easier recognition and sorting of the imagery. The product name includes the date and time of capture, as well as the id of the satellite that captured it. The name of each downloaded image product is composed of the following elements:
<acquisition date>_<acquisition time in UTC>_<satellite_id>_<productLevel><bandProduct>.<extension>