Mission focus

Planet anticipate the following markets for its products:

  • Agriculture
  • Civil Government
  • Defence & Intelligence
  • Education & Research
  • Emergency Management
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Finance & Business
  • Forestry & Land Use
  • Insurance
  • Mapping
  • Maritime

The complete PlanetScope constellation of approximately 130+ active satellites is able to image nearly the entire land surface of Earth every day (equating to a daily collection capacity of 350 million km²/day). The constellation is constantly "on" and does not require ordering or acquisition planning.


PlanetScope satellite imagery is captured as a continuous strip of single frame images known as “scenes.”

Scenes may be acquired byas a split-frame imager with a half RGB and a half NIR (near-infrared) or, starting with the DOVE-R series of satellites, as a four to eight-band frame imager with butcher-block filter providing blue, green, red, red-edge, and NIR stripes.

Planet offers three product lines for PlanetScope imagery: a Basic Scene product, an Ortho Scene product, and an Ortho Tile product.

The Basic Scene product is designed for users with advanced image processing and geometric correction capabilities. The product is not orthorectified or corrected for terrain distortions. Ortho Scenes represent the single-frame image captures as acquired by a PlanetScope satellite with additional post processing applied.

Ortho Tiles are multiple orthorectified scenes in a single strip that have been merged and then divided according to a defined grid.