Minimize Serra da Mesa Dam, Brazil

The Serra da Mesa Dam, is an embankment dam on the Tocantins River near Minaçu in Goiás, Brazil. After years of studies, construction on the dam and power station began in 1986. Once complete the dam began to inundate and create its reservoir and was full in 1998.

The Serra da Mesa Dam is 1500 metres long and made with a core of earth and clay, it holds 54.4 billion cubic metres of water and has a surface area of 1784 km2. The dam also supports the Serra da Mesa Hydroelectric Power Station, which lies underground.

The Serra da Mesa Dam was sharply criticized by environmentalists before and during construction, not only was it costly interms of cost at 1.1 billion dollars is was also heavily criticized for destroying a vast area of flora and fauna which contained endangered species.

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