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St Petersburg, Russia
SAR Orbit number: 49231
19 September 2004

This Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) multitemporal colour composite image is centred over the city of Saint Petersburg (large bright area centre right), located in Northwestern Russia on the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea.

The image shows the city's many bridges, span canals and waterways, which endure because of the city's lowland position in the delta. The River Neva and its primary delta arms divide the city into four distinct districts. The various colour patches sparse throughout the image indicate cultivated agricultural fields.

The image is made of three ERS-2 SAR PRI (Precision Radar Image) images acquired on different dates and assigning a colour (RGB) to each date of acquisition.

Technical Information:

  • Instrument: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  • Dates of Acquisition: Red: 11 July 2004, Green: 23 April 2000, Blue: 19 September 2004
  • Orbit number: 48229, 26185, 49231
  • Frame: 2392
  • Instrument features: 25 metre resolution


NE Lat/Long: N 60.24 / E 30.72
NW Lat/Long: N 60.46 / E 29.00
SE Lat/Long: N 59.39 / E 30.26
SW Lat/Long: N 59.61 / E 28.58