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EUSI ESA archive collections now open to users

24 May 2021

In the Third Party Missions Programme framework, archive collections from GeoEye-1, QuickBird-2 and WorldView (1 to 4) very high resolution satellites, have been opened to users. ESA has an agreement with European Space Imaging (EUSI) allowing data provision from these missions to Principle Investigators. The data, copy of the one requested by the scientists, are available on LOADS dissemination system and through static maps.

GeoEye-1 can revisit any point on Earth once every three days or even sooner, depending on latitude and elevation angle. Alongside its high-resolution commercial-focused imagery, QuickBird-2 could be used to analyse changes in land usage, agriculture and forests. The overall objective of the WorldView satellites is to meet the growing commercial demand for high-resolution satellite imagery.  

The three archive collections consist of products requested by ESA supported projects over their areas of interest worldwide. The processing levels offered for each mission are Standard, Ortho Ready (both Standard and Stereo) and Map Scale Ortho.

For more details on the dataset specifications, processing levels and how to access the data, please visit the collection description page of each mission: