IRS-1C and IRS-1D Mission Background

The Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites are the mainstay of the Indian Department of Space's National Natural Resources Management System. IRS-1C and IRS-1D were second generation remote sensing operational satellites developed by ISRO to carry three distinct and mutually complementary imaging payloads. The combination of payloads enhanced the capabilities of IRS-1C/1D as compared to the predecessor IRS-1A/1B in terms of spatial resolution, provision of an additional spectral band, ability to acquire stereoscopic images and inclusion of a wide field sensor for improved temporal resolution.

Operators ISRO
Launch Date 28 December 1995 29 September 1997
Mission Status Ended 21 September 2007 Ended January 2010
Orbit Height 817 km
Orbit Type Polar sun-synchronous
Local time at ascending node 10:30
Revisit Time 24 days
Onboard Sensors provided under TPM PAN, LISS-III, WiFS
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