Multi Spectral Scanner (MSS) Processor Releases

Processor Releases

Please note that the SLAP processor is based upon the previous on-demand TMPL processor.

SLAP IPF Version Software Release Date Improvements/upgrades* (B)UG
Datasets Processed
Category Description
2.0 November 2012 (First issue)

Supporting data, raster reference
Extension of TM/ETM+ GCP chips databases including Nairobi ground station coverage   n/a - interim version
2.1 January 2013 Product format Compliance with ngEO specifications

Alignment of TM and ETM+ products with the latest USGS DFCB
E n/a - interim version
TM radiometric calibration Update to residual striping handling E
2.02 March 2013 Supporting data (CPF, Raster Reference data) handling / interface Updates to the MDPSReportGenerator

Updated handling of GCP data for L1T product generation

Updated capability to handle USGS CPF files whose validity range does not include hours, minutes and seconds

Updated library (libMDPSLandsatProc)
B n/a - interim version
L1T geometric correction Extension of the Terrain Corrected processor over 60° North latitude E
TM radiometric calibration Updated thermal band calibration

Correction of Memory Effect

Correction of Scan Correlated Shift (SCS)

Correction of residual striping
Product format Compliance to ngEO ICD E
2.03 April 2013 Processing of incomplete products Added feature to enable processing of first and last WRS scene in a pass when at least 50% of the image lines exist E n/a - interim version
Product metadata: Quality Correction to the root mean square (RMS) error of GCP displacement B
TM radiometric calibration Update to radiometric calibration strategy for TM reflective bands (Dark Current offset computed based on CPF file) E
2.04 N/A Planned version for TM fixes, then superseded by v3.00     n/a
3.00 June 2013 MSS production Addition of MSS processing capability E n/a - interim version
3.01 June 2013 Image geometric processing Correction of cubic convolution error B n/a - interim version
TM / ETM+ radiometric calibration processing Update to the detector statistics calculations for de-striping processing (TM/ETM+)

Update to the instrument temperature filtering process (TM/ETM+)
ETM+ product metadata Compliance of ETM+ gain change values in the metadata file to the USGS DFCB B
3.02 September 2013 MSS processing Improvement to the handling of Scan Start Anomaly (SSA) MSS products B n/a - interim version
Product format Compliance of Landsat 5 TM Metadata report (MTR) to ngEO specifications

Compliance of metadata to Quicklook for partial scenes

Updated file naming convention to include product level
E / B
Cloud assessment processing Correction of erroneous cloud cover calculations B
Quicklook processing Correction of an incorrect band combination used for the Quicklook generation B
Supporting data, raster reference, update Updated GENCHIP database over Egypt B
3.03 October 2013 MSS radiometric calibration processing Removal of banding in SSA MSS products B n/a - interim version
Product format Updates to MTR file generation:
  • Correction of MTR path discrepancies
  • Correction of MTR <eop:ProductType> parameter
  • Addition of MTR <eop:IlluminationElevationAngle> parameter
3.03_p1 November 2013 Product format Update to Metadata (MTL) file generation:
  • Correction of MTL <rep:browseType>
B TM – Kiruna
3.03_p2 December 2013 Supporting data Updated Task Tables to correct processing failure of L1G products (MSS & TM) B TM – Kiruna
3.03_p3 February 2014 TM / ETM+ radiometric calibration processing Further updates to the instrument temperature filtering process (TM/ETM+) B TM – Maspalomas, Matera

ETM+ - Kiruna, Maspalomas, Matera
Quicklook processing Improvements to the generation of Quicklooks for partial scenes (no longer stretched to be square, and instead offer a truer representation of the product) E
3.03_p4 May 2014 Internal update Updated IPF software at processing facility B Linked to the operational installation
3.04 October 2014 MSS geometric processing Correction of estimated ortho-rectified affine transformation (including improvement to the accuracy of the systematic correction)

Correction of swath and line misalignment of Landsat 3 MSS products
B MSS – due for release 2015
MSS radiometric calibration processing Inclusion of a more sophisticated non-linear de-striping method for Landsat 1 MSS products E
MSS image cloud assessment processing Updated MSS cloud cover vote E
TM / ETM+ geometric processing Capability to handle ascending scenes

Correction of UTM zone miss-handling (TM/ETM+)
3.04_p1 January 2015 MSS geometric processing Memory allocation issue linked to orthorectification correction B
3.04_p2 February 2015 Supporting data, raster reference, update Removal of duplicate GCP chips, occurred at high latitude scenes, from the MSS GENCHIP database B
3.05 January 2017 Bug fixes Version included several bug fixes from previous version B n/a - interim version
3.06 June 2018 Inclusion of quality parameter and data recovery strategy (SB) Software release implementing several CR and AR described in [IDEAS-REQ-2753] B/E n/a - interim version
3.07 October 2018 Bug fixes Software release implementing several AR B n/a - interim version
3.08 March 2019 Bug fixes Software release implementing several AR B MSS – due for release September 2019


*Please note, unless otherwise stated, updates and improvements are applicable to all instruments.

Quality Control Tools

A quality control report is included in the ESA Level 1 Landsat product. This details the results of the inspections applied by the AMALFI QC Tool as part of the integrated reprocessing chain. AMALFI version v1.0.19 is used for the MSS processing.