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The SLAP (Systematic Landsat Archive Processing) project covers the MSS, TM and ETM+ products from Landsat missions 1 – 7, and is the first systematic reprocessing of the ESA Landsat archive. The project objectives are to:

  • Set up and manage the bulk-processing of the entire ESA Landsat data archive residing at ESA's Landsat receiving stations (Kiruna, Maspalomas and Matera) into Level 1 Terrain Corrected (L1T) GeoTIFF format. Where the highest product level generation, L1T, is not possible, Level 1 Geocoded and Terrain Corrected (L1Gt) or Level 1 Geocoded (L1G) products shall be generated.
  • Systematically conduct scientific data quality control of reprocessed datasets
  • Implement access to all output products for user download

The Instrument Processing Facility (IPF), v3.04 (October 2015) utilised for the most recent SLAP, contains many improvements and data quality enhancements to the previous on-demand processor:

  • Multi-scene refinement capability (using full pass)
  • Partial scene generation
  • Bias correction
  • Residual striping correction
  • Thermal band calibration
  • Memory effect calibration
  • Scan correlated shift correction
  • ngEO requirement compliant (Metadata and Quicklook)
  • MSS processing capability

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this project, contact:

Dr. Philippe Goryl
Organisation: ESA


Currently, in excess of 701,000 Level 1 TM and 84,000 Level 1 ETM+ products have been reprocessed and released under the SLAP project.

The Landsat TM and ETM+ bulk-processed products are freely available for direct download. To access this, you must first register for ESA's EO Sign In service (EO Sign In) account.

Download Landsat Products Description Document



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