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PROBA-V QWG meeting 13

21-Apr - 22-Apr 2021


The status of the mission was recalled: Experimental Phase is running since July 2020 with the perspective to prepare the ground for the launch and exploitation of PV-CC mission. The latest delay in the schedule of the PV-CC launch (currently Q1/Q2 2022) changed the approach for exploitation, notably owing to the degrading Proba-V illumination conditions at the time of the launch. On the processing side, the main priority is to finalize the verification phase for the C2 and start the full mission reprocessing.

The main objectives of the meeting were illustrated: the first one is to review the status of C2 verification, in particular of the AC module and agree on the go-ahead for C2 reprocessing, the second goal is to review the current development status of the PV-CC and its ground segment and brainstorm on the potential exploitation of PV-CC  in  combination  with  Sentinel-2/3.  Besides that, the usual QWG topics will be presented and discussed, namely the status of the Flight and Ground Status, the calibration, the continuity with S3.




A summary of the Minutes of Meeting is available here.


F. Niro (ESA)

Mission Status and Meeting Objectives


R. Wittmann (ESA)

Flight & Ground Segment Status


D. Clarijs (VITO)

PDGS Status and Feedback on Experimental Phase


I. Benhadj (VITO)

Geometric Calibration Status


S.Sterckx (VITO)

 Radiometric Calibration Status


S. Adriaensen (VITO)

Proba-V experimental phase: lunar calibration


D. Ramon (HYGEOS)

Atmospheric Correction for C2: final baseline algorithm and validation results


E. Swinnen (VITO)

Proba-V C2 validation of reprocessing –phase1


R. Lacaze (HYGEOS)

Quality assessment of S3 biophysical products at CGLS


C. Henocq (ACRI)

Update on S3 SYN-VGT algorithm status


X. Collaud (ASL)

Proba-V CC status update from ASL


C. Bernal (ESTEC)

Proba-V CC status update from ESA


I. Benhadj, S.Sterckx (VITO)

PV-CC status update + PV-CC Cal/Val Plan


L. Gomez-Chova (Uni. Valencia)

Domain adaptation and synergistic exploitation of PV-CC in combination with S-2/S-3


K. Ruddick (RBINS)

HYPERNETS project and radiometric validation of optical imaging missions






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