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ESA's Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity (SMOS) Earth Explorer mission is a radio telescope in orbit, but pointing back to Earth not space. It's Microwave Imaging Radiometer using Aperture Synthesis (MIRAS) radiometer picks up faint microwave emissions from Earth's surface to map levels of land soil moisture and ocean salinity.

These are the key geophysical parameters, soil moisture for hydrology studies and salinity for enhanced understanding of ocean circulation, both vital for climate change models.

Minimize Latest Mission Operations News

SMOS - Correction of operational dataset from 15 October to 02 December 2014 completed

21 April 2015

ESA would like to inform SMOS data users that the correction of operational level 1 and level 2 datasets for the period from 15 October to 2 December 2014 has been completed. The correction was implemented to remove the approximately 1K bias in the brightness temperature due to a change in the Noise Injection radiometer (NIR) calibration configuration.

New version of the SMOS Data Viewer is available for download

05 March 2015

ESA would like to inform SMOS data users that a new version, 1.7.0, of the SMOS Data Viewer (SDV) is available for download.

SMOS Toolbox / SNAP Sentinel-3 and new SMOS NetCDF converter are available for download

25 February 2015

ESA would like to inform SMOS data users that a new version of the SMOS Toolbox and SMOS NetCDF converter are available for download.

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SMOS on acid

17 February 2015

With fundamental changes happening to the chemistry of the world's oceans, salinity information from ESA's SMOS mission is being used with other Earth observation data to obtain information on 'the other carbon dioxide problem' - ocean acidification.

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DOMEX-3 campaign data now available for SMOS Cal/Val users

30 January 2015

The L-Band radiometric measurements and in-situ snow temperatures for the first year of acquisitions of the DOMEX-3 campaign are now available for the SMOS Cal/Val users along with the yearly campaign report.

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Salinity matters

18 December 2014

Measurements of salt held in surface seawater are becoming ever-more important for us to understand ocean circulation and Earth's water cycle. ESA's SMOS mission is proving essential to the quest.

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Five years of soil moisture and beyond

03 November 2014

ESA's SMOS satellite has clocked up more than one billion kilometres orbiting Earth to improve our understanding of our planet's water cycle. Marking its fifth birthday, all the data collected over land and ocean have been drawn together to show how moisture in the soil and salinity in the ocean change over the year.