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OceanSat-2 is an Indian satellite designed to provide service continuity for operational users of the Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) instrument on OceanSat-1. The main objectives of OceanSat-2 are to study surface winds and ocean surface strata, observation of chlorophyll concentrations, monitoring of phytoplankton blooms, study of atmospheric aerosols and suspended sediments in the water.

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OceanSat-2 onboard maintenance

14 November 2017

Due to an onboard satellite maintenance, the OceanSat-2 Third Party Mission (TPM) data collection is currently not being updated with new data.

Improved TPM online dissemination service available

09 June 2017

ESA is pleased to announce that an improved access to the collections distributed online by ESA through the Third Party Missions programme has been deployed.

Two enhanced features have been set up to ease access to these collections:

  • A TPM online access list has been created to provide users with a centralised access to all the TPM online collections dissemination systems (17 TPM collections)
  • A new online dissemination system providing a geographical catalogue, a folder tree access and a filename search has been deployed for 13 TPM collections

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Operator ISRO
Data distributor: GAF
Launch date 23 September 2009
Mission life 5 years
Orbit Height 720km
Orbit Type Polar Sun-synchronous
Swath 1420km
Orbit period 99.31 minutes
Revisit time 2 days
Sensor Bands 8 spectral bands in the VNIR region
  • 360m along track
  • 236m across track
Onboard sensors provided under TPM OCM-2 (Ocean Colour Monitor-2)