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The Indian Remote Sensing Satellite IRS-1C was successfully launched into polar orbit on 28 December 1995 by a Russian launch vehicle. Its sensors were activated in the first week of January 1996.


Bands Spectral Range (nm) Spatial Resolution (m)
PAN 500 - 750 5.8
Green 520 – 590 23
Red 620 – 680 23 (LISS-III)
188 (WiFS)
NIR 770 – 860 23 (LISS-III)
188 (WiFS)
SWIR 1550 - 1700 70
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IRS-1C/1D European coverages dataset available to users

28 September 2018

ESA is pleased to announce the availability of three European coverages (including Turkey) made by the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite IRS-1C and IRS-1D from the PAN sensor.

CartoSat-1, ResourceSat-1/2, IRS-1C/1D data available for research and application development

17 March 2017

The IRS-1C/1D and ResourceSat-1 archive, ResourceSat-2 and CartoSat-1 archive and new acquisitions data are now available to the scientific user community.

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Operators ISRO
Launch date 28 December 1995
Mission status Ended 21 September 2007
Orbit Height 817 km
Orbit Type Polar sun-synchronous
Local time at ascending node 10:30
Revisit time 24 days
Swath Width 70 km (PAN)
142 km (LISS-III)
810 km (WiFS)
Resolution 5.8m (PAN)
23m (LISS-III: green, red, NIR)
188m (WiFS: red, NIR)
Onboard Sensors provided under TPM PAN, LISS-III, WiFS