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The HRC (High Resolution Camera) was launched aboard ESA's Proba-1 satellite on 22 October 2001, and is primarily intended for technology, educational and general public information purposes.

The HRC has a field of view of 0.358 degrees, and from the current orbit of Proba-1 of about 600km the HRC provides images with a pixel resolution of 8m. The data are grey scale images, an image contains 1026 x 1026 pixels.

HRC data is supplied in BMP format.

Product Availability

Data may be downloaded online from the EOLI Catalogue.

Data Set Specifications
Temporal Coverage:
2002-10-01 to current day
Spatial Coverage:
90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
Data Type:
Optical/Multi Spectral Radiometry High Resolution
Processing Level:
Level 1
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