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Two new ESA archive collections have been opened for PlanetScope and SkySat

26 Jul 2022

PlanetScope ESA archive and SkySat ESA archive collections are available worldwide through ESA's Third Party Missions programme via Fast Approval Registration.

The ESA archive collections consist of products requested by ESA-supported projects worldwide and that ESA collected over the years.

Three product lines for PlanetScope imagery are offered under the PlanetScope ESA Archive collection. For all of them, the Ground Sampling Distance at nadir is 3.7 m (at reference altitude of 475 km).

At the SkySat ESA archive collection, two different product types are offered. Ground Sampling Distance at nadir up to 0.65 m for panchromatic and up to 0.8 m for multi-spectral.

The utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's TPM Terms and Conditions.