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How To Access Data

Fast Registration with Approval (Restrained)

  1. Go to the ESA User Services Portal
  2. Register or log in to EO Sign In
  3. Submit the form for accessing the data
  4. The request will be evaluated by ESA, which normally takes up to 2 days
  5. Upon successful evaluation, you will receive a confirmation email
  6. A second email will follow with details of where to download the data
  7. Search and download the products from the dissemination service (via a map).
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The SkySat ESA archive collection consists of SkySat products requested by ESA supported projects over their areas of interest around the world and that ESA collected over the years. The dataset regularly grows as ESA collects new products.

Two different product types are offered, Ground Sampling Distance at nadir up to 65 cm for panchromatic and up to 0.8m for multi-spectral.

EO-SIP Product TypeProduct DescriptionContent
SSC_DEF_SCBasic and Ortho scene
  • Level 1B 4-bands Analytic /DN Basic scene
  • Level 1B 4-bands Panchromatic /DN Basic scene
  • Level 1A 1-band Panchromatic DN Pre Sup resolution Basic scene
  • Level 3B 3-bands Visual Ortho Scene
  • Level 3B 4-bands Pansharpened Multispectral Ortho Scene
  • Level 3B 4-bands Analytic/DN/SR Ortho Scene
  • Level 3B 1-band Panchromatic /DN Ortho Scene
SSC_DEF_COOrtho Collect
  • Visual 3-band Pansharpened Image
  • Multispectral 4-band Pansharpened Image
  • Multispectral 4-band Analytic/DN/SR Image (B, G, R, N)
  • 1-band Panchromatic Image


The Basic Scene product is uncalibrated, not radiometrically corrected for atmosphere or for any geometric distortions inherent in the imaging process:

  • Analytic - unorthorectified, radiometrically corrected, multispectral BGRN
  • Analytic DN - unorthorectified, multispectral BGRN
  • Panchromatic - unorthorectified, radiometrically corrected, panchromatic (PAN)
  • Panchromatic DN - unorthorectified, panchromatic (PAN)
  • L1A Panchromatic DN - unorthorectified, pre-super resolution, panchromatic (PAN)

The Ortho Scene product is sensor and geometrically corrected, and is projected to a cartographic map projection:

  • Visual - orthorectified, pansharpened, and colour-corrected (using a colour curve) 3-band RGB Imagery
  • Pansharpened Multispectral - orthorectified, pansharpened 4-band BGRN Imagery
  • Analytic SR - orthorectified, multispectral BGRN. Atmospherically corrected Surface Reflectance product.
  • Analytic - orthorectified, multispectral BGRN. Radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor artifacts and transformation to top-of-atmosphere radiance.
  • Analytic DN - orthorectified, multispectral BGRN, uncalibrated digital number imagery product Radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor artifacts
  • Panchromatic - orthorectified, radiometrically correct, panchromatic (PAN)
  • Panchromatic DN - orthorectified, panchromatic (PAN), uncalibrated digital number imagery product

The Ortho Collect product is created by composing SkySat Ortho Scenes along an imaging strip. The product may contain artifacts resulting from the composing process, particular offsets in areas of stitched source scenes.

Spatial coverage: Check the spatial coverage of the collection on a map available on the Third Party Missions Dissemination Service.



Spatial coverage:
84 N, -84 S, -180 W, 180 E
Temporal coverage:
2016-02-29 - present
Date of launch:
Mission status:
Orbit height:
475-575 km
Orbit type:
Swath width:
8 km at nadir for SkySat-1 to -2, 6.6 km at nadir for SkySat-3 to -13
Very High Resolution - VHR (0 - 5m)
VIS (0.40 - 0.75 µm), NIR (0.75 - 1.30 µm)
Product types:


Level 1a, Level 1b, Level 3B, Multiple


Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions.




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