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Supporting satellite atmospheric data products - Introducing BAQUNIN

29 Sep 2023

The Boundary-layer Air Quality analysis Using Network of INstruments (BAQUNIN) is a supersite of ground-based active and passive remote sensing instruments across various locations in the Rome area.

Learn more about BAQUNIN in our new infographic:

Supporting satellite atmospheric data products - Introducing BAQUNIN

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The goal of BAQUNIN is to support calibration and validation of satellite atmospheric data products in urban areas, as well as to create high quality datasets on urban environments.

The project provides an infrastructure for the validation of present and future satellite atmospheric products, so that several existing and new space atmospheric missions of ESA’s Third Party mission programme, benefit from BAQUNIN. Data emerging from the Japanese environmental monitoring Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellites (GOSAT) and the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA’s Aura satellite, are already using BAQUNIN to validate their data products. The data from these missions can be accessed for free for research and application projects via ESA’s TPM programme.