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OneAtlas Living Library subscription available for SPOT and Pléiades

21 Jan 2021

In the framework of the Earthnet programme, ESA is distributing SPOT and Pléiades data on-demand to support EO science and research activities.

As of 20 January 2021, to complement the traditional and fully customised ordering and download of selected Pléiades and SPOT images in a variety of data formats, users can also request a subscription for access to the OneAtlas Living Library where the entire OneAtlas optical archive is made available in streaming mode and updated on a daily basis.

One of three different options can be selected:

  • up to 80,000 tiles
  • up to 160,000 tiles
  • all-you-can-eat access

These packages, and in particular the unlimited data streaming, should allow PIs to use SPOT and Pléiades data in a wide variety of applications and projects.

The Terms of Applicability for accessing both Pléiades and SPOT data has been updated accordingly.



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