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New Super Resolution product for GEOSAT-2

21 Dec 2023

In the framework of ESA’s Earthnet Third Party Missions Programme, we are proud to announce that a new GEOSAT-2 super resolution product with enhanced resolution of up to 40 cm has been added to the collection.

GEOSAT-2 (formerly known as Deimos-2) is a Spanish high-resolution satellite from GEOSAT, which launched 19 June 2014 and remains operational. It is the second satellite of the GEOSAT Earth Observation system, following GEOSAT-1, and became the first European fully private satellite capable of providing sub-metric multispectral imagery.

The following products have been added to the GEOSAT-2 collection:

  • Archive – L1 SR Pan-sharpened or Bundle, minimum 25 km2
  • Tasking – L1 SR Pan-sharpened or Bundle, minimum 100 km2

Based on Artificial Intelligence, this technology increases an image’s original resolution and detail without losing quality with respect to the original product. Artificial Intelligence fills and smoothes out irregularities much better than any other type of resampling, increasing the number of applications derived from it.

This SR (Super Resolution) product features an advanced machine learning model trained on a large data set of images, allowing the resolution of an image to be intelligently expanded, while keeping the edges clean and preserving important details.

More information on the data specifications and how to access the products can be found on the dedicated GEOSAT-2 data description page.

Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Third Party Missions Terms and Conditions.