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New data available: GEOSAT-2 Portugal Coverage 2021

01 Mar 2023

GEOSAT-2 Portugal 2021 - Spatial Coverage of the Dataset
GEOSAT-2 Portugal 2021 - Spatial Coverage of the Dataset

A new collection is available to the public through ESA’s Earthnet Third Party Missions Programme: the GEOSAT-2 Portugal Coverage 2021.

GEOSAT-2 (former Deimos-2) is a Spanish high resolution satellite from GEOSAT, which launched 19 June 2014 and remains operational. It is the second satellite of the GEOSAT Earth Observation system, following GEOSAT-1, and became the first European fully private satellite capable of providing sub-metric multispectral imagery.

GEOSAT-2 Portugal coverage is a collection of 2021 data over the Portugal area, including islands. The available dataset has a cloud cover less than 10% and is acquired up to 1m resolution with Geometric accuracy of <6m CE90 based on Copernicus DEM @10m.

The following product types are available:

  • Pan-sharpened (4 bands, 321 Natural Colours or 432 False Colours)
  • Bundle: Panchromatic (1m resolution) + Multispectral bands (4m resolution).

You can find more information on the data specifications and how to access the products at the data description page.



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