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GOME TCWV Climate product available online


06 Dec 2018

The GOME Total Column Water Vapour (TCWV) Climate product developed within the ESA GOME-Evolution project is now accessible from the ESA data archives together with the ERS-2 GOME data.

The product is based on measurements from the satellite instruments ERS-2 GOME, Envisat SCIAMACHY and MetOp-A GOME-2, and it spans a period of more than two decades (1995-2015).

The dataset - already distributed through the World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) - is a Level 3 type product containing homogenized time-series of the global distribution of TCWV and is accessible as a single netCDF file.

The complete description of the product can be found in the paper by Beirle et al., 2018.

The data is made available to users via direct download from the ESA Data Dissemination Service upon Fast Registration.

GOME time series

GOME TCWV smoothed monthly maps from the
ESA GOME TCWV Climate product version 2.2. See animated maps.