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GEOSAT-2 Spain coverage new collection open for users

28 Nov 2023

In the framework of ESA’s Earthnet Third Party Missions programme, we are glad to announce that there is a new collection open for users: the GEOSAT-2 Spain Coverage collection. 

The GEOSAT-2 Spain Coverage collection consists of imagery covering Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, acquired by GEOSAT-2 between March and November of 2021. 

The following product types are available: 

  • Pan-sharpened: A four-band image, resulting from adding the information of each multispectral band to the panchromatic band. The fusion does not preserve all spectral features of the multispectral bands, so it should not be used for radiometric purposes. Resolution 1 m; Bands: All. 
  • Bundle: Panchromatic (1 m resolution) + Multispectral bands (4 m resolution): five-band image containing the panchromatic and multispectral products packaged together, with band co-registration. 


Spatial coverage of the 2021 collection.
Spatial coverage of the 2021 collection.

For more details on the products available, please visit the dedicated data collection page.

Access to this new collection is through Fast Registration with Approval. The request will be evaluated by ESA, which normally takes up to 2 days. Upon successful evaluation, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to download the data. 

The utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's TPM Terms and Conditions