Mission Background

Both TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites are almost identical and operate in six alternate operating modes for a wide range of applications in Earth observation: ranging from Staring SpotLight mode with a resolution of up to 25 cm at a scene size of e.g. ~ 4 km x 3.7 km mainly for image intelligence applications to Wide ScanSAR providing a resolution of 40 m at a scene size of 270 km × 200 km (extendible to a scene length of 1,500 km) particularly suitable for maritime applications.

Other applications include highly precise change detection and monitoring applications, support of intelligence and security mission, disaster response and as well as mapping and generation of digital elevation models using interferometry and radargrammetry.

Thanks to different polarimetric combinations (single or dual polarisation and even full Polarimetric) and processing levels the delivered imagery can be tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the application.

Satellite design

Technical Specifications
Antenna length 4.8 m
Nominal look direction Right
Antenna width 0.7 m
Range Bandwidth 150 MHz / 300 MHz

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