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KOMPSAT-2 (Korean Multi-purpose Satellite 2), also known as Arirang-2, is an Earth-imaging/environmental Korean satellite which launched on 28 July 2006 and remains operational.

Mission Specifications
Orbit Height685 km
Orbit TypeSun-synchronous Circular Polar
Repeat Cycle14 days

KOMPSAT-2 Objectives

KOMPSAT-2 is designed for very-high-resolution (VHR) remote-sensing applications:

  • Land planning: to detect and identify features smaller than 1 sq.m., e.g. vehicles, street furnishings, roads and bushes
  • Agriculture: to pinpoint crop or tree diseases
  • Urban planning and demographics: to locate detached houses
  • Defence: to describe high-value assets or military sites
  • Civil engineering: to plan road, railroad and oil pipeline corridors
  • Surveillance of large scale disasters and their countermeasures
  • Acquisition of independent high resolution images for GIS
  • Composition of printed maps and digitised image maps on domestic and overseas territories to users
  • Continue to support satellite Earth observation activities that were served by KOMPSAT-1.

KOMPSAT-2 Instruments

Multi-Spectral Camera (MSC)

The objective of the MSC is to collect high-resolution panchromatic and multispectral imagery of Earth's surface.

MSC Performance Parameters
Spectral Range500-900 nm (PAN), 450 - 520 nm (Blue), 520 - 600 nm (Green), 630 - 690 nm (Red), 760 - 900 nm (NIR)
GSD (Ground Sample Distance)Pan (1 m), MS (4 m)
Swath Width, FOV15 km at nadir, ±0.62º
MTF (Modulation Transfer Function)> 15% for Pan,
20% for MS
Detector Line Array15,000 pixels (Pan), 3,750 pixels (MS)
Spectral Bands1 Pan + 4 MS
SNR> 100
Data Quantization
10 bit
Payload Power, Mass350 W, 150 kg.



Through the Online Dissemination server, ESA offers registered users access to the following data collections:



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