3rd CHRIS PROBA Workshop

21 Mar - 23 Mar 2005

ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy


PROBA-1's main instrument is the Compact High-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (CHRIS), which has applications in the atmosphere, land, agriculture and oceans and coast.

This 2005 workshop was on the treatment of Compact High Resolution Images Spectrometer (CHRIS) data.


Third CHRIS/Proba Workshop - contents (271 KB)

Session 1: CHRIS Geometric and Atmospheric Correction (8,24 MB)

Session 2: Land Processes & Forests I (1,75 MB)

Session 3: Land Processes & Forests II (16,7 MB)

Session 4: Inland and Coastal Waters (5,41 MB)

Session Summaries (241 KB)