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ERS-1/2 Radar Altimeter REAPER Sensor Geophysical Data Record - SGDR [ERS_ALT_2S]

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This is a RA Geophysical Data Record (GDR) product containing radar range, orbital altitude, wind speed, wave height and water vapour from the ATSR/MWR as well as geophysical corrections.

The REAPER (REprocessing of Altimeter Products for ERS) product is generated by applying a similar processing as for Envisat RA-2 on the Level 1b consolidated waveforms using 4 different re-trackers, RA calibration improvement, new precise orbit solution (POD), new ionospheric corrections (NICO09 until 1998 and GIM up to 2003), ECMWF ERA-interim model and updated SSB tables.

This product contains two data rates: a low rate of 1 Hz and a high rate of 20 Hz.

Most 1 Hz data is also represented at 20 Hz, while microwave radiometer (ATSR/MWR) data and the atmospheric and geophysical corrections are only given at 1 Hz.

The REAPER GDR (ERS_ALT_2_) is a global product including data over ocean, ice and land.

It should be noted that this product differs from the Envisat RA2 in the following ways:

  • The product format; which is NetCDF (more details can be found in the Product Handbook, and not PDS
  • The product is delivered based on orbit acquisition and not per pass (pole-to-pole).

This product is extended through Envisat RA-2 data.



Digital Object Identifier (DOI):
Spatial coverage:
82 N, -82 S, -180 W, 180 E
Temporal coverage:
1991-08-03 - 2003-07-02REAPER ERS-1 data is available from 3 August 1991 to 2 June 1996 REAPER ERS-2 data is available from 14 May 1995 to 2 July 2003
Date of launch:
1995-04-21, 1991-07-17
Mission status:
Orbit height:
782 to 785 km
Orbit type:
Swath width:
5 km


Level 2


Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions.



European Space Agency, 2014, ERS-1/2 Radar Altimeter REAPER Sensor Geophysical Data Record - SGDR [ERS_ALT_2S], Version 1.08.


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