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Envisat AATSR L1B Brightness Temperature/Radiance [ENV_AT_1_RBT]

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The service provides Envisat AATSR 4th reprocessing Level 1B products.

See the Envisat AATSR Product Notice Readme document for more information about the 4th Reprocessing data.

The data is collection based and allows data browsing and download via treeview, filename or advanced geographical catalogue search based on area of interest and metadata.

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AATSR Full Resolution image of the Iberian Peninsula from 28 October 2006 -
AATSR Full Resolution land and ocean cover image of the Iberian Peninsula from 28 October 2006
AATSR Full Resolution image of the Iberian Peninsula from 28 October 2006
AATSR Full Resolution land cover image of the Iberian Peninsula from 28 October 2006.

The Envisat AATSR Level 1B Brightness Temperature/Radiance product (RBT) contains top of atmosphere (TOA) brightness temperature (BT) values for the infra-red channels and radiance values for the visible channels, on a 1-km pixel grid. Values for each channel and for the nadir and oblique views occupy separate NetCDF files within the Sentinel-SAFE format, along with associated uncertainty estimates. Additional files contain cloud flags, land and water masks, and confidence flags for each image pixel, as well as instrument and ancillary meteorological information.

This AATSR product [ENV_AT_1_RBT] in NetCDF format stemming from the 4th AATSR reprocessing, is a continuation of ERS ATSR data and a precursor of Sentinel-3 SLSTR data. It has replaced the former L1B product [ATS_TOA_1P] in Envisat format from the 3rd reprocessing. Users with Envisat-format products are recommended to move to the new Sentinel-SAFE like/NetCDF format products. 

The 4th reprocessing of Envisat AATSR data was completed in 2022; the processing updates that have been put in place and the expected scientific improvements have been outlined in full in the User Documentation for (A)ATSR 4th Reprocessing Products.



Digital Object Identifier (DOI):
Spatial coverage:
90 N, -90 S, -180 W, 180 E
Temporal coverage:
2002-05-20 - 2012-04-08
Date of launch:
Mission status:
Orbit height:
800 km
Orbit type:
Swath width:
500 km
Medium Resolution - MR (20 - 500 m)
SWIR (1.3 - 3.0 µm)


Level 1b


Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions.



European Space Agency, 2022, Envisat AATSR L1B Brightness Temperature/Radiance [AT_1_RBT__], Version 4.0.


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