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AuroraX-DISC activities is building directly on the Swarm-Aurora framework. The team will continue to evolve the metadata and summary data from the satellites and the ground-based (and ultimately space-based) imagers in response to suggestions by users.

The motivation for these activities is to bring as much auroral data to the Swarm mission as is possible, to provide better and faster identification of interesting events, and to provide connections between the Swarm mission and citizen scientists who are interested in the aurora. This is meant to compliment for example SuperDARN and SuperMag which provide fairly quick access to summaries of data from the global high-frequency radar and magnetometer networks operated by more than a dozen nations. There is at present no such system for the auroral observations, and AuroraX will become that system.

More information about Swarm-AuroraX project:

Project duration: June 2018 - December 2020. This project is funded by ESA via the Swarm DISC, Sub-Contract No. SW-CN-DTU-GS-023.