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The Swarm-Aurora project is part of the Swarm DISC (Data, Innovation and Science Cluster) project, an international consortium of experts to enhance the scientific return of the Swarm satellite mission.

The aurora is a unique manifestation of plasma processes in the near-Earth space environment. Swarm-Aurora was designed to facilitate and drive the use of Swarm in situ measurements in auroral science. Swarm-Aurora will build a bridge between the Swarm and auroral science communities.

Swarm-Aurora is a web-based tool which provides access to quick-look summary data for a large array of ground-based instruments, as well as Swarm in situ measurements. This web interface allows researchers to quickly and efficiently browse Swarm and ASI data sets to identify events of interest.

Swarm-Aurora drastically lowers the barrier of entry to optical and Swarm data, reducing the time needed to do a survey of Swarm and ground-based instruments for investigating auroral phenomena.

We expect this project to form the basis of the next generation of data viewers and access protocols for auroral science. The platform is built to be scalable (to other instruments, both ground and in situ) and usable for decades to come.

More information about Swarm-Aurora project

Project duration: November 2015 - March 2017. This project was funded by ESA via the Swarm DISC, Sub-Contract No. SW-CO-DTU-GS-016.