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ESA PI Community

The ESA Earth Observation Principal Investigators (EOPI) community is the point of reference for users and scientists who intend to request free access to ESA and third party mission satellite data for R&D, offering also unique opportunities to access data from new scientific EO missions.

Project Proposal (requires an active EO Sign In account)

Proposals submitted for products will be reviewed and a product/programming quota will be assigned by ESA. ESA and ESA Third Party Mission (TPM) data are provided free of charge. ESA may however request users to provide a contribution in case of requests for very large datasets.

Specific restrictions to the use of data may apply for TPMs.

There are no deadlines for proposal submission.

Data Service Request (requires an active EO Sign In account)

Submission of specific Data Service Requests is temporarily suspended. This is part of improvements underway for the submission interface.

Submission of generic Data Service Requests is unaffected, and still accessible via the data collection and product pages

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