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The Copernicus programme is based on a fleet of European Earth observation satellites, built and operated by ESA, member states and commercial entities. Copernicus will also offer data from non-European satellites.

In order to provide operational and sustainable user services and to avoid unnecessary duplication in technologies, the challenge is to harmonise the various approaches to the ground segments of the different satellites and to involve the users. To begin this harmonisation process, a Ground Segment Coordination Body (GSCB) was created to adopt a common, coordinated and cost-effective approach that responds to the needs of Earth observation users.


The main objective of the ESA’s proposed Long Term Data Preservation (LTDP) initiative is to guarantee the preservation of the data from all ESA Earth observation satellite missions and third party missions managed by ESA on the long term, also ensuring their accessibility and usability, as part of a joint and cooperative approach in Europe aimed at preserving the EO European data from member states’ missions. The need to ensure the preservation of the Earth observation data has been expressed by all environmental monitoring programmes and recently again through the Climate Change Initiative.