LPVE 2014
Land Product Validation and Evolution

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The European Space Agency is organising a workshop on calibration, validation and evolution of land products. Scientists and Cal/Val experts are provided with the opportunity to present latest results from their on-going research, including the evolution of products, the development of validation, the inter-comparison methodologies and the evolution of algorithms. The workshop will focus on optical imaging sensors from ESA missions (MERIS, (A)ATSR, PROBA-V, etc.), ESA Third Party Missions (LANDSAT, ALOS, etc.), and national missions. During this workshop results from recently reprocessed land data sets will be presented and contributions for future ESA missions using existing data sets and validation infrastructures are encouraged. The workshop will be held at ESA/ESRIN in Frascati, Italy, January 28-30, 2014.

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Workshop objectives:

  • Present Cal/Val results for land products from ENVISAT and ESA Third Party Missions, as well as from related missions from other space agencies;
  • Present improvement of land products Cal/Val methods and techniques;
  • Present land product intercomparison methodologies (in situ, satellite-satellite);
  • Identify key recommendations for ESA land product algorithm evolution;
  • Formulate recommendations for future land products and future Cal/Val activities;
  • Encourage close collaboration between Cal/Val and research groups.
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Programme is available here.

Workshop Report.

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Product validation and methodologies

  • Protocol for in situ/satellite and satellite/satellite inter-comparison
  • Radiometric and geometric validation
  • Protocol for in situ measurements
  • Validation networks
Evolution of products related to: 
  • Quality of L1 data
  • Atmospheric correction approaches
  • Albedo
  • Fraction of Absorbed Photo synthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR)
  • Leaf Area Index (LAI)
  • Leaf chlorophyll content
  • Leaf water content
  • Fire and burned areas
  • Land Surface Temperature (LST)
  • Snow
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Venue and accommodation information are available here
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The conference has been organized around:

  • Oral and poster presentations selected by the Scientific Committee and ESA and;
  • Round table discussions.

The Workshop proceedings has been published by ESA (option of a special issue in a scientific journal TBC).

The official language of this conference is English.

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